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R.Riveter Handbags


R.Riveter reached out to me to help them spread the word about their American handmade brand and current Kickstarter campaign. I gladly said “Yes!”to this amazing company! R.Riveter crafts beautiful bags from recycled military materials and leathers to empower military spouses. Every bag is handmade by military spouses from designing the bag, preparing the raw materials, and placing every cut,…

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What’s in my travel makeup bag | Europe Edition

What’s in my travel makeup bag | Europe Edition

What's in my travel makeup bag |

While I create my photo diary and travel guide from our stay in Amsterdam and Belgium, I thought I’d share with you “what’s in my travel makeup bag” from our 10 day trip.

1. MAKEUP BRUSHES (Sigma & EcoTools*) I’m someone who likes to pack diverse bunch of makeup brushes and less eyeshadow colors. I need a crease brush, smudging brush and blending brush for my eyes, and a brush for my concealer.

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